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At Prodigy Performing Arts, we are about creating confidence and allowing each child to realise that what makes them unique is what makes them truly special. Our pre-school program does just that for every student learning from our caring teachers in our nurturing and safe environment. Starting from 2 years old, we help the children to get school ready by teaching them socialisation, responsibility and critical thinking to name a few. Specially developed by Miss Robyn, a fully qualified primary school teacher, it has all the elements to get your child confident and ready for big school through the joy of dance. 

Once our students are off to Kindergarten, our students Graduate from our Little Prodigies program into Prodigy Performing Arts. The graduation occurs at the end of year concerts where our students come onto the stage in their graduation gown and receive a graduation certificate and end of year trophy.

Does your child dance around the house? Do you want your child to build confidence? Did you know dance helps you get ready for big school? Our Little Prodigies dance classes are for you!

Little Prodigies (1 hour)

Our Little Prodigies class includes the three foundational dance styles of ballet, jazz and tap. During the 1 hour class, each style will run for 20 minutes each with quick shoe changes in between.

During our ballet class, the children are taught the basic fundamentals and foundations that will give them an easy transition into the RAD syllabus once they move into the pre-primary age group. The fundamental skills the students will develop include; coordination, ability to communicate and express themselves through movement, awareness of the ways their bodies move, the space in which they move and the timing and quality of their movements. We also provide fairy wings and a wand for our students in this class.

During Jazz , teach the children fundamental jazz technique where they learn how to sequence dance steps that they can put together to perform a whole routine. Our class is engaging and helps build children’s self-confidence through the use of music and movement.

In our tap segment of the class, our students are introduced to baby Tap using the Glenn Wood Tap syllabus. By implementing tap into our tiny tots program, we are ensuring that our students are given the tools and technique that will see them progressing in the right direction towards their dance tuition.

Does your child like to climb like a monkey? Roll around the house? Has lots of energy but maybe scared to try new things? Then our Little Prodigies Circus class is for you!

Little Monkeys

Introducing our Pre-Schoolers Circus class called LITTLE MONKEYS. For children ages 2-5, the class will run for 45 minutes and include all the elements of circus such as aerials, juggling, balancing, hooping and fun games. The class focuses on gross motor skills, fine motor skills, co-ordination, musicality, recognising and identifying objects.

We also introduce our tiny tumblers to the different aerial apparatus’ such as Lyra, Hammock and Trapeze. Once our tiny tots are old enough, they will have the required skills to engage in our circus class for both ground and aerial.

Want your Little Prodigy to join?

We’re always happy to see new young dancers in our studio. For more information please contact us.

As well as being a registered ACTIVE KIDS PROVIDER, we are now also a registered CREATIVE KIDS provider